Dawnflower Ring

A Blessing of the Everlight


This ring is fashioned of bright yellow gold embossed with the figure of Sarenrae, set with a large smooth yellow sapphire stone.

This ring functions as a ring of sustenance, with three exceptions.

First, it needs to be exposed to natural daylight for at least four hours per day, or it goes dormant.

Secondly, the wearer can activate the ring by an act of will as a standard action and gain the benefits of a heroes’ feast spell. Once this function has been activated, the ring becomes nonfunctional, and needs to be worn for a full week with daylight exposure each day as described above before it becomes functional again. No food is actually consumed, and it only works for the wearer.

Finally, if the ring is not dormant or rendered non-functional, the wearer may speak a the command “Dawnflower’s Light” and the ring sheds golden-white light as bright as a torch. If the wearer then commands, “Sarenrae light my way,” the wearer of the ring can command the light to leave the ring and move as directed up to a distance of 100 feet. The light may be directed to follow (or precede) the wearer at a set distance, or otherwise be moved according to mental instruction. No concentration is required to move the light. If the wearer utters “Dawn’s End,” the light winks out until it is again needed. The light will last for a total duration of 10 minutes before winking out on its own, but the wearer my command the light to appear again.

Faint conjuration, evocation; CL 11th; Forge Ring, create food and water, heroes’ feast, dancing lights; Price 2,500 gp. EL 6. Total Value: 2,500 gp.


Dawnflower ringThis ring was passed down from mother to daughter for generations. It now belongs to Tara Ult Louki, who’s fate has brought her into the company of members of the cult of the Dawnflower. The implications are profound that these fugitives of the Phthyan Empire should find each other in such times of need, and may indeed be the guidance of the Everlight.

Dawnflower Ring

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