Azi Saif

Fiery Scimitar

weapon (melee)

MW Scimitar (+1 to hit) (315)
Sharp (Critical range = 17-20)(+ 1/2 bonus)
Hurtful (+1 damage) (+ 1/2 bonus)
Faux Flaming (illusory flames – as a torch/standard action to activate or deactivate) (+500)

2815 gp total.


Azi (Dragon)
Saif (Sword/blade)

This impressive vicious looking weapon bears an image of a dragon etched into its curved blade. Its guard resembles a scaled dragon whose head shows a wide mouth arrayed with spiked teeth and a forked tongue. Upon a command, the dragon appears to breathe fire onto the blade, which catches aflame. These flames are illusory, illuminating as a torch does. The burning blade is audible, and even give off the scent of fire, but deals no damage, and cannot set anything alight. Anyone struck by the weapon immediately knows the fire along the weapon is fake, and anyone observing it in use may make a DC 18 Will save to realize the fire is false.

These blades are considered holy to the Dawnflower cult, and they are typically given as rewards to particularly heroic, noteworthy or remarkable members of the Dawnflower Dervishes.

Azi Saif

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